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We’re specialists in expat relocation, housing, schooling and tax in The Netherlands. We have a vast array of experience regarding all aspects of living in the Netherlands. From applications for work visa and residence permits, to finding a new home, we help expats settle into Dutch life. Our team is here to make your life easier and to help you feel like a ’local’ in The Netherlands. Learn more about our dedicated team below.

Our Team

 Edward van den Bergh Director
“Amsterdam is a city that keeps surprising you! There are so many random things you can do, see and observe which constantly put a smile on your face. I love the sense of freedom you feel living here!”
Edward was born in the south of The Netherlands, the youngest of 3 boys. When Edward was just old enough to ride a bike, his parents decided it would be great to bring kids up in New Zealand. (By the way, he thinks they were right!). When asked his nationality, Edward would classify himself as 1/3 Dutch and 2/3 Kiwi!

After leaving New Zealand, Edward moved to England for 5 years before relocating to the Netherlands in 2000. There he met and married a Dutchie and is raising his Dutch/Kiwi blended family in the heart of Amsterdam! With his extensive career and personal experience in the Netherlands, Edward brings a broad network of connections to Expat Help.
 Roz Fremder Director
“I find the directness of the Dutch refreshing. You always know where you stand with a Dutchie! That coupled with the general tolerance and acceptance of the culture make The Netherlands an ideal place to call home!”
Roz was born and raised in a small mid-western town, but always had big dreams of travelling and living abroad. After relocating to several places within the United States, Roz finally had the opportunity to move internationally to The Netherlands in 2008. Roz had 17 years banking industry experience in marketing and project management but was looking for a career change. She found just what she was looking for with Expat HELP! Roz now combines her project management skills with her passion for her new home city to ensure every relocation is a success. Her goal is for everyone to settle into life in Amsterdam quickly and enjoy the many things the city has to offer!
 Jennifer Rosa Business Development
“My new life in The Netherlands has had many rewarding challenges. Inspired by its array of diverse cultures, innovative design and robust history I can say I have truly found my home away from home."”
Arriving from New York City just over a year ago, Jennifer has truly hit the ground running. Being a new addition to the Dutch community, she and her partner have succeeded in the launch of their specialty coffee and tea distribution company. Alongside this, using her broad knowledge of the housing and marketing industries, Jennifer was able to create her own success as an independent housing consultant for expats coming to the Netherlands. Now working as our new Business Developer, Jennifer is utilizing her extensive background to promote Expat Help with the same ambition, optimism and bubbly personality.
 Sarah Hertog relocation manager
Breda Office
“Living in Holland is having the best of all worlds; the perfect balance of fun, creativity, professional possibilities and international allure”
Sarah is a Dutchie, originally from the south of Holland. Sarah moved to Amsterdam in 2004 to experience the dynamics of the capital. She was intent on creating a life that included fun, laughter, diversity and the opportunity to meet interesting and inspiring people. Sarah brings energy and enthusiasm to the relocation team and keeps everyone up-to-date on what's hip and happening about town. Sarah wants every expat to experience Holland as a local and love it as much as she does!
 Angela Rivera Relocation Specialist
“I love working in a city that reminds me of home. After all, this is where New Amsterdam in New York comes from. What better a place to live!”
A native New Yorker, Angela was born and raised in the Big Apple. That's also where she began her career in relocation. Angela lived in Sydney, Australia for a year before moving to The Netherlands in 2012. With an eye for detail and that undeniable New York drive and enthusiasm, Angela makes sure your relocation stays on track.
 Wendeline Kool Relocation Specialist
“Due to Amsterdam’s numerous canals, it is one of the cities which is known as ‘Venice of the North’. Two of the other cities on this list are also located in the Netherlands. How can you not love a country that has so many Venices!”
While she was born in Amsterdam, Wendeline only lived in this city for the first year of her life. Being expatriates themselves, her family soon moved abroad to Africa and South-East Asia. After her secondary education she went to university in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now she lives only a short train ride away from Amsterdam, in lovely Haarlem. Wendeline’s first-hand knowledge of expatriate life is invaluable in her current position.
 Katya Rosadiuk Relocation Specialist
“Amsterdam is truly a global city yet still feels like a village. Biking or boating around you get the best combination of old and new mixed in with a vibrancy that you don’t get anywhere else in Europe.”
Katya is Canadian-Brazilian and has been living in Amsterdam since 2003. Having been an expat herself and worked in relocation since 2005, Katya knows what is essential and vital to adjusting to life in a new country and city. Katya loves Amsterdam and believes this is the easiest city in the world to adjust to as an expat. And as a mother to two small children, Katya takes extra special care towards families to ensure that they have a smooth and happy transition into their new city.
 Anupama Triloki Relocation Specialist
“Amsterdam, is a dynamic city where there is always something new to discover. Whether zipping through the streets by bike, relaxing through the canals by boat or admiring all the historic details walking in and out of the numerous alleys, there is nothing that one can’t do here. For every type of individual it is an adventure to live and experience this amazing city.”
Having her roots in India, Anupuma was born in South America then relocated living the great part of her life in the Netherlands. She has also lived in Athens for a couple of years and had the opportunity to experience the challenges of what it is to get settled in a foreign country where you do not speak the language. Starting a new life in a foreign country is something she can empathize with. These experiences allow her to support expats with their settlement in an amazing place like Amsterdam and to give them tips on how to live their lives as a local.
 Anouk de Kok Housing Consultant
“Get inspired in this great city where bikes rule!”
Anouk was born and raised in the south of Holland and moved to Amsterdam when she began working as a flight attendant. Her career with the airlines gave her the opportunity to explore the world. After jetting around the world for a few years and a subsequent job as a travel guide in Cyprus, Anouk realized how much she missed the great city of Amsterdam! She returned in 2007 and began her career in real estate. Anouk has a true empathy for expats. She not only has spent her entire career working with them...she's been one herself!
 Catherine Hewins Housing Consultant
“I love the big city excitement of Amsterdam; yet with a small village feeling. It offers something for every generation to enjoy!”
Catherine is a self-proclaimed international American expat. Having called London, Stockholm and Seoul amongst her previous homes, Catherine moved to the Netherlands in 1995. With a long history of project management for companies including EDS, Oracle, Canon and Shell, Catherine brings the same eye for detail to make your transition smooth and successful.
 Tara Alapiessa Housing Consultant
“Amsterdam is a place where you can meet the most amazing and interesting people. It's a place where you can grow and learn. There's never a dull moment!”
Tara is truly an international woman and started her life as an expat! Born in Kenya and raised in England, Tara moved to Finland for 10 years before relocating to Amsterdam in 1999. Tara started her professional career as a teacher. Her empathy and true desire to help others is evident in her passion for helping expats find a home and settle into their new home city.
 Eeg de Veer Housing Consultant
“Amsterdam’s main attraction is the city of Amsterdam itself!”
Coming from the south of Holland, Eeg originally came up to Amsterdam just to study a couple of years and then return south. Instead, he fell in love with the city, and stayed permanently. Having worked for years with foreign visitors, tourists and corporate guests, Eeg knows exactly how Amsterdam life is for non-Dutchies, and how to make them feel at home.
When you ask Eeg what you should definitely see when visiting Amsterdam, he would advise to experience the city itself. Mingle in, wander around the different neighborhoods, and be part of one of the world’s most beautiful, tolerant, and easy-going villages in the world.

Our Team

  •  Edward van den Bergh Director
  •  Roz Fremder Director
  •  Jennifer Rosa Business Development
  •  Sarah Hertog relocation manager
    Breda Office
  •  Angela Rivera relocation specialist
  •  Wendeline Kool Relocation Specialist
  •  Katya Rosadiuk Relocation Specialist
  •  Anupama Triloki Relocation Specialist
  •  Anouk de Kok Housing Consultant
  •  Catherine Hewins Housing Consultant
  •  Tara Alapiessa Housing Consultant
  •  Eeg de Veer Housing Consultant