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Buy and sell in The Netherlands

For many expats in the Netherlands, we find a common enquiry: Where and how do I sell or buy household goods like furniture, electronics or bikes? Fortunately, the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, have a number of useful websites and markets where you are able to buy and sell pretty much everything you need. One of the most common platforms in The Netherlands is Marktplaats.

Marktplaats is an online market place in the Netherlands and Belgium where people and businesses sell new and second-hand products. All day-to-day products can be found on Marktplaats, from cars and clothing, to furniture and electronics. (Watch out as it is also common to find broken products sold here too).

You are required to set up a free account to begin publishing products online for everyone to see and to bid on. You have several options for the asking price, you can choose to have a fixed asking price (where people won’t be allowed to place a lower (or higher) bid or you can have an auction where everyone can bid on your products. They will request your phone number or otherwise your e-mail address for the advertisement, so buyers can contact you for enquiries. Selling a product can be done online through a safe pay ‘cross at the same time’ method where the seller receives their money as soon as the buyer gets his/her product. Although it is also possible to simply meet the seller/buyer to test the product and pay in cash. Marktplaats, is the Dutch equivalent to the English Gumtree, and therefore only available in Dutch, meaning you may have to consult with a Dutch-speaking person to guide you through getting the product online. Apart from that, it is as simple as answering potential questions/bids and selling your product, on your usual familiar network.

Other similar (Dutch) websites include; Speurders, Catawiki (focused on antiques), Etsy (focused on handmade/vintage items) and eBay (international buying/selling).

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Another frequently used platform to sell/buy online is Facebook. The social media platform nowadays has a marketplace where you can buy and sell products from different categories and in different locations. With one click you are able to post a free ad online for everyone to see, bid and buy. Buying an item is even easier, simply send a Direct Facebook Message to the seller and make an appointment to buy or view the product.

Amongst the Facebook marketplace are the Facebook groups, another additional way of selling your products online. Facebook groups are small communities within Facebook with specific purposes; some groups function as a forum for a particular subject and some as a mini marketplace within Facebook. Below you find multiple (expat) groups per category, you can simply request to join the group and as soon as you are accepted into the group you can post messages/items and stay up-to-date on people selling their goods.

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